Yvette Lopez releases her new music Single “Faded”, a creative explosion of rhythm and sound



Yvette Lopez releases her new music Single “Faded”, a creative explosion of rhythm and sound


July 30, 2022 – Yvette Lopez, a former playmate who now love creating music is bringing in a raw and unique sound of her own in the music industry. Yvette Lopez found herself drawn towards different rhythm and beats, which ultimately led her to take the path of music as her career.


The pop music artist, Yvette Lopez has released her new music single “Faded”, a creative explosion of soft rhythms and suggestive sound. The listeners are taken on a dreamy and mysterious trip through urban settings and exotic climates. The shining star, Yvette Lopez, was exposed to the world by her outstanding music and creative lyrics. The new music release has called out for attention from all across the globe. There was no looking back for Yvette Lopez after that. She has only evolved with time ever since and has continued to make great music for her listeners.


Yvette Lopez has many elating songs up her sleeves that have not ceased to amaze the world with the upbeat music and powerful lyrics. This newly released single has been winning the listeners’ hearts ever since it was released. The music single is a masterpiece, handcrafted by the music artist to make nothing less than perfect.


Over the years, Yvette Lopez has earned a loyal and supportive fan base from all over the world. She has worked on different exceptional music singles and she is adding another titled “Faded” to the bag. Her music is a perfect blend of exciting music and free-flowing, yet powerful lyrics. The enthusiastic and soulful music by Yvette Lopez will leave you craving for more. Through her music, Yvette Lopez wants to spread positivity in the world and bring a smile to people’s faces. Going back to her roots, Yvette Lopez channels her beliefs into several emotional voices that send a message about the state of things to her fans all over the world.


Yvette Lopez is always thankful to all her fans that supports and motivates her to keep going ahead. She urges them to stay tuned as a lot of good music is on the way. The album ends on a surprisingly serious and local note. Be sure to listen to Yvette Lopez’s new project, and keep an eye out for further news about who Yvette Lopez is, and what she is doing!


You can connect with Yvette Lopez, and get updates on find out more www.yvette-lopez.com


Music YouTube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MPO9RqgNPqE

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